Payment & Quotes

Please find in this section a comprehensive list of prices for the level of work you require carrying out; the prices are not binding but rather a guide to what we charge. All quotes will be discussed depending on the level of quality on the original material, and the work required.

Damage Restoration, Colourisation and Enhancement:

Level 1  -   (Low)       


-   Fading, Small Scratches, Blemishes, Discolourisation:

                  From       £10

Level 2  -  (Medium) 


-  Colourisation (minor), Creases, Tears, Stains and Marks, Minor Subject Removal:


                  From       £20

Level 3  -   (High)     


 -  Complex Repairs,(Including face and hand reconstruction), Subject  Removal (Major), Extensive Damage Repair, Major  Colourisation:


                  From        £35

Negative & Slide Reproduction

1 x 35mm Strip of Negatives (4 Images) Digitally reproduced:   £2.50

1 x 35mm Strip of Slides (4 Images) Digitally Reproduced:   £2.50

For damaged Slides or Negatives, price per level of restoration required as quoted above.

(Please contact us for details; we will advise on inspection).

Printing:     (High Quality)


6x4 - £1.50     7x5 - £2.50     A4  (when applicable) - £5.00

Please state whether you want Glossy, Satin or Matt Card paper for printing.

All work carried out will be watermarked for inspection by the customer prior to purchase, and supplied via draft print (postal) or digital email.

An additional CD-Rom (below) is available at £2.00 for level 1 work, and supplied free of charge for all Level 1 & 2 via postal services.